How to sell on Facebook using Shopify: a basic guide

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How to sell on Facebook using Shopify: a basic guide

The fact is that Facebook is the largest social media network in the world which has millions of users that come from always every country on our planet. In most countries, this network is among the 5 most visited sites. One of the reasons for that is the continuous effort of the management of this company to introduce changes and upgrades that make their platform more attractive. For instance, a few years ago, they have introduced a feature that allows sellers to sell things directly via Facebook. Of course, Facebook has been used for promotional campaigns for many years, but this took the whole eCommerce thing on another level.

Today, there are many tools that you can use to sell on the largest global social media platform. For instance, many people use Storefront Social for this purpose. There are also many users that choose Soldsie. Some other examples of popular tools and solutions that can help you sell goods on Facebook include ShopTab, Ecwid, Beetailer, SortPrice, StoreYa, and Shopify.

Truth be told, how to sell on Facebook using Shopify has become the most frequent question among sellers in the last few years. There is more than one good reason for that. For example, the latest statistics have shown that Shopify is still the most popular eCommerce platform especially for beginners in this area. With the help of this platform, you will be able to handle your products on more than one sales channel on the Internet and Facebook is just one of these channels.

Facebook and Shopify have announced their cooperation a few years ago. Now, Facebook page administrators and business owners can build a completely integrated store on the specially designed Shop section found on the page. Thanks to Shopify and Facebook, visitors can checkout without actually leaving the platform. They can also save their private information for purchases they will conduct in the future.

Whenever a user updates their Shopify store, this information will automatically sync to their Facebook store. We are talking about updates related to product images, details, as well as inventory info. It’s also very easy to run promotional campaigns and organize giveaways with this combination. All you have to do is to use Facebook tabs and that’s it. Don’t forget that Facebook integration won’t cost you a dime with Shopify plans which start at very low prices.

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