How to integrate Shopify with Facebook and boost your sales?

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How to integrate Shopify with Facebook and boost your sales?

Did you know that Shopify comes with a feature known as Shopify Facebook store? It is no wonder why so many people are looking for an answer to one simple question – how to integrate Shopify with Facebook. An integration like this conducted in the right way can provide access to millions of potential customers. The good thing is that you can easily create a Shopify store on the Facebook page that you administer. In this way, online retailers are able to boost web traffic to their products, enhance engagement with their followers and ultimately – sell more items.

Before we go into details, let us mention the main benefits of integrating Shopify with Facebook. First of all, you will improve your brand reputation and awareness by increasing social media signals. You will also increase the number of sales by offering your products directly to the users of the world’s largest social media network. Another benefit is that you can create an online store in a matter of minutes and with a minimal cost for maintaining this online store. Finally, there are many third-party apps like Zapier that can help you finish this integration smoothly and without any hassles. Now let’s analyze the process of integration.

First of all, it’s crucial to understand that this process lets users build a so-called Like gate. This means that only fans of your page are able to buy things from your Facebook Shopify store. When the creation process is finished, every user can customize the layout. They can also organize the products into different collections. It is possible to create a special collection that will be presented only on Facebook. Of course, you can also showcase all the products you have in your offer. Once you are done with these things, your store will become available to all Facebook fans who can use the additional tab found on your page.

In order to boost your sales on a Shopify Store on Facebook, you can do a few different things. First of all, you can invest in Facebook ads. These ads can appear on the devices of users selected by you based on their location, gender, age etc. In addition, you can use Facebook to provide a more personalized shopping experience. You can address customers’ questions and dilemmas directly and establish direct connections with prospective clients.

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